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Chapter 03 – The Angel

“For He will order His angels to guard you wherever you go”
Psalms 91:11

Father carried me in his arms and strode through the fields in the dark that led to the Pole’s house. On the way he tried to reassure me, explaining that the Pole was his good friend and would watch over me. In the meantime, he and my sisters would search for a safe place to live. Father promised to come and get me as soon as matters were straightened out. The few garments I wore were not sufficient to keep me warm in the chill of the night. My legs were frozen stiff and I was barefoot, as the Germans had not given my mother time to put shoes on my feet. The path was filled with potholes and Father stumbled every few steps, and I too with him. The silent night and freezing cold were of no help in forgetting the shocking sights of the day, least of all that of my mother, murdered and left behind. I burst out crying again.

Father hugged me and whispered: “Calm down, child, everything will be okay; behave like a big boy and be strong. My friend will watch over you. In the meantime, I’ll search for a new place to live; and I promise to come and get you. Don’t worry.” Father’s voice cracked, tears choked him and he was deeply pained. German planes flew above and from all around came sounds of explosions. Father resumed walking and increased his pace.

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